Three Mountain

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If you think you have tasted capsule coffee then think again.

Halo Three Mountain is wood roasted & encapsulated by hand.
A blend of three of the rarest, most beautiful coffees.

Are you ready for something completely different?

Notes of nut, chocolate, berries and molasses, low in acidity with a buttery silk finish.

Quantity: 10 Capsules per box

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Colombian Andes, Kenyan Kilimanjaro and Nepalese Himalayan. Three of the world's best high-grown coffees. The mix of high altitudes, fertile micro climates and the irrigation of the melting Himalayan snow creates a coffee with a unique complexity. Wood crafted roasting and a great deal of time and love, have perfectly balanced them in a single blend .

Our First Edition run is limited to 5,000 boxes. All of of our coffee is beautiful, rare, hand roasted and hand encapsulated.