“There is an unspoken suspicion that products that are good for the planet must somehow taste less good, or be less beautiful. At Halo, we’re breaking the need for this choice. We are on a mission to give people the world’s best coffee, in a way they want it, that’s best for the world".  - Nils, Founder

At Halo, we are relentless in our desire to encapsulate the worlds rarest, most precious and most desirable coffees. But finding them is just the start. Creating the perfect cup involves complex granulometry and capsule engineering but the most important ingredient is always the very best coffee, roasted and ground to perfection.

"I’ve been creating premium espresso for 23 years and capsules for over 10 years. Our Halo Capsule is everything a capsule coffee should be, and exactly what I’ve been trying to deliver to coffee lovers for all this time.” - Andrew, Head of Coffee

We’ve ensured that all of our coffee is of the highest standard. Carefully, ethically and sustainably sourced, wood roasted in Italy and encapsulated by hand.




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