Colombian Supremo Coffee


In Colombia's Magdalena River valley, a cloak of clouds shelters Huila coffee from the sun, the cloud filtered light and ample rainfall producing extraordinarily fragrant coffee flowers, which are carefully tended by growers long recognized for their discipline and dedication to coffee craft.

The unique Arabica coffees of central Colombia, near Medellin, were introduced from the Caribbean through Venezuela over 200 years ago. Coffee has now become native to Colombia and grows particularly well in the volcanic, mineral-rich soils between Colombia’s high peaks. Huila coffees are often award-winners.

So when our coffee guru was working on the "third mountain" choice for our flagship blend, these unique climate and soil characteristics, and what they deliver into the bean, were an important consideration.

Colombia, known for its high quality coffee, is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed Arabica coffee. Traditionally shade grown, our Colombian coffee choices (we alternate between three plantations depending on the taste profile derived from each years beans) are hand-picked between September and December, washed, then graded before shipment according to bean size.

Most Colombian speciality coffees are referred to either as 'Supremo' (typically based on a 17 screen sized bean) or 'Excelso' (typically a 16/17 screen). Our Colombian Supremo selection however is a 19 screen bean. Combined with the fact that the Huila region produces only about 5% of Colombia's coffee, our uncommonly large Colombian becomes a pretty special bean. It's a very special single origin that most roasters around the world wouldn’t blend this coffee with anything else.

Andrew, our Head of Coffee's believed that if we combine three coffees already considered some of the best single origins in the world, surely we'll create a coffee blend at least three times better than anything anyone else has done before? He was wrong. It's ten times better. 

Its round body, bright acidity, chocolate taste and smooth velvety texture makes Colombian coffee a worldwide easy-drinking favourite. The distinctive sweet black cherry fragrance, velvety texture and refreshing citrusy undertones, with chocolate, caramel and floral notes, blend ebulliently with the deeper flavour notes of our premium African and the body of our Asian single origin coffees within Three Mountain Blend.