Halo Sustainability

We are at the beginning of a journey that could change the capsule industry forever.

We are deeply committed to developing our technology further and relentlessly pursuing our vision of a different future for the single serve coffee capsule market. This path will hopefully lead to our innovations being available for others to use and thus benefit the wider coffee community. But there is much work to be done.

The industry standard for compostability in Europe (home and industrial) is EN13432: 2002 (also equivalent to ASTM 6400 in the US, and AS 4736 in Australia). In order for us to give you total confidence that our capsules are compostable, we are working with the European issuer of this standard to gain the right approval. Right now, each component of the capsule is individually certified by their manufacturers. EU regulations state that the capsule as a whole must be tested to prove there is little to no residual product left after three months and our capsules are currently in the testing process.

The great thing is, however, our capsules contain absolutely none of the plastic and aluminium that our competitors use. Which is a brilliant first step. We want this to be industry standard, and absolutely believe it to be possible.

Using the resources of Cranfield University and the University of Bedfordshire we are able to test our Halo capsule compostability in a variety of scenarios.  The capsule has been rigorously tested and endured many incarnations until the final design was settled upon. The design allows the perfect balance of flavour and body whilst maintaining it’s compatibility.

All too often coffees are simply ground up and thrown into a capsule. Halo coffees were carefully and painstakingly selected by our Head of Coffee and developed with a UK Barista Championship Judge. Our Kopi Luwak Diamond is a very difficult coffee to encapsulate properly and all our coffees are subjected to extensive sensory testing.
This groundwork has allowed us to work with and develop our future coffee manifesto which includes Panamanaian Geisha and Royal Kona.