Kenyan AA

Kenya AA

Our premium 'Kenya AA Top' graded coffee comes from a collection of smallholders in the Kiambu region of Kenya, just north of Nairobi. We selected it, like we select all of our coffees, for its rather special flavour nuances: It is rare that Kenyan coffee possesses both the depth of body and the acidity to make a great espresso on its own, But Kiambu uniquely does.

Lets go back in time: It was thanks to some very persistent French missionaries that Brazilian coffee was finally transplanted in Kenya in 1893. Though coffee was native and wild in Ethiopia some 600 years before, it wasn’t in Kenya, and Arabica coffee was transplanted and circumnavigated the world before it came back to Africa.

Initial Kenyan coffee cultivation was concentrated in the Kiambu district, because of the numerous facilities organised by missionaries over the preceding years. The variety was originally produced exclusively of Bourbon, still known as French Mission Varietal, one of the best to be found anywhere in the world.

The coffee is grown at altitudes between 1,500-1700m in a constantly warm and regularly wet tropical Kenya climate, and in rich fertile red alluvial soils, all of which lend significant depth to this coffees taste profiles. Halo's choice of Kenyan coffee, from the first home of Kenya's plantations, delivers a special coffee at the pinnacle of the flavour pyramid and a coffee that excels all over the world as a single origin bean.

By joining the floral notes in Kiambu with the floral notes in our selected Colombian coffee, we let the delicate chemistry that happens when all the blends' other flavour aspects come together, create the magic that has become Three Mountain.

Kiambu Kenya AA Top has a mellow body, with a gentle acidity which helps to deliver the essence of bergamot and rich fruit candy into the cup, tinged with a delightfully lingering  vanilla and floral after taste.