Kopi Luwak Diamond

Only Certified Wild Kopi Luwak is real Kopi Luwak.

Our Wild Kopi Luwak Diamond Coffee is not part of a fad, but an opportunity to enjoy two centuries of Sumatran history in every cup. Halo's Kopi Luwak Diamond is from one of the original Kopi Luwak plantations that is nearly 200 years old.

Native Indonesian Ade Makmursyah grew up amongst the coffee plantations of the beautiful Gayo region before heading to sea for 10 years. Ade eventually gathered enough resources to return home to the origins of Kopi Luwak coffee.Ade's network of family and friends within the farming community helped him to set new standards for Kopi Luwak production. His success was based on the fundamental principles of quality and honesty. He is one of the world’s leading Kopi Luwak experts whose craftsmanship with the finest wild Kopi Luwak is second to none. Our Coffee is 100% guaranteed Wild Luwak. We can make this assurance as Ade has a deep, personal connection to the coffee, the Gayo region and the farming communities that supply the exquisite beans. Our farmers are friends and family who only produce in the traditional manner.

100% wild, the animals freely roam and feed on a healthy diet. This is reflected in the beautiful taste of the coffee. A complexity of flavour rarely found in a single origin espresso. Buttery dark chocolate and toasted macadamia alongside notes of spicy fried plantain and tropical lychee deliver a unique aftertaste that leaves the palate alive and refreshed.

Three things make our Kopi Luwak Diamond coffee. The coffee beans themselves are exceptional, the luwak only selects the finest coffee cherries and once gathered we treat the coffee like a precious gem.

Most people have never tried real wild Kopi Luwak Coffee. The process is quite simple. The nocturnal Luwak lives in the rainforest and comes out at night to feast. The luwak loves coffee cherries and only selects the best ones. Like having a glass of wine and all the beans are picked at the perfect moment. In the morning the beans have passed through the luwak’s system whilst in their parchment so the coffee beans are essentially fermented. Once gathered up they are washed, separated and dried.

Our Kopi Luwak Diamond is the rarest coffee in the world, only 100kgs per year are produced. Made purely from Pea Berry beans. Peaberry coffee beans are a type of bean where the cherry provides a whole bean instead of a split bean. This allows for more uniform roasting and a smooth flavour. Peaberries are present in all coffee harvests and known worldwide by coffee experts as the highest quality bean found within any yield.  Fewer than 5% of all beans produced worldwide that can be called a Peaberry bean.