The Innovation

The challenge for the speciality coffee world has been to create a Nespresso® compatible compostable capsule that can be disposed of in your home food bin or by home composting. Every Halo is completely biodegradable, a completely natural blend of bamboo and paper pulp designed by a world leading environmental packaging team. 

Our unique design and granulometry management ensures the maximum flavour is extracted from each pod.

Each component of the Halo capsule complies with EN13432 standards whilst maintaining consistency, superb water flow and extraction rates. Over the last two years the Halo capsule has developed and vigorously tested to such a point that multiple independent third party labs are not just testing the capsules composting ability as a whole but for further applications such as a natural fertilizer. 

(Having tested the capsules ourselves and seen them composted in far less than 90 days, we are even growing tomatoes in some of them).