Halo exists because compromise shouldn’t because when given the choice between what’s best for us and what’s best for the world. We didn’t see a choice at all.

We created the world’s first 100% compostable paper capsule because the rest of the world had placed an urgent need for coffee above the urgent needs of our planet.

30 billion plastic and aluminium coffee capsules have found themselves in places like landfill and the ocean. Where they will remain for up to 500 years

We founded Halo on the idea that it’s impossible to truly have one without the other.


We wanted to leave a bigger impression on the world than our waste does and we wanted to do it while drinking the world’s best coffees.

When we discovered that wasn’t an option we decided to make it one

We are committed to serving the world’s best coffees, in a format that the world loves, in a way that doesn’t damage our planet

Halo. The world’s best coffees, in a way that’s best for the world.