Our signature bespoke blend, Three Mountain, is sourced from three of the highest peaks in the world. Our single origin from Columbia, Pacamara, is a rare variety often used in the World Barista Championships. Our decaffeinated coffee, Halo Minus, is from the forests of Kaffa in Ethiopia where Coffea Arabica was first discovered growing wild.

We created the world’s first Nespresso® compatible, 100% compostable paper capsule made from sugar cane and paper pulp. This means that wherever they end up, they won’t be there long. And when they break down, they allow the nutrient-rich coffee grounds to become fertile soil for plants to grow in. Ours can be thrown in food waste bins or compost bins and don’t need to be taken apart at home before processing or by specially designed machinery at waste management plants.

And not believing in compromise, we filled our innovative capsules with the best coffees in the world.