But we want to go beyond coffee. We are always learning, and one thing we’ve learned is that a commitment to excellence isn’t easy. We’ve had to balance far more individual suppliers than we first realised we would need in order to ensure that all of our packaging is as sustainable as it can be. We’ve repurposed off-cuts, we’ve turned our printing proofs into gift boxes and we’ve asked ourselves at every stage “how can we do this in a way that’s best for the world?”

Every time we’ve been presented with an opportunity to just do it the normal way, we’ve interrogated the process until we found a way to do it better.

Halo was born to bring people the world’s best coffees in a way that’s best for the world. We designed our capsules as a response to the environmental damage caused by plastic and aluminium coffee pods. It’s a big problem, and the solution is a collaborative effort. We work with an international network of environmental experts and our members to keep improving and innovating. Every time someone buys Halo coffee, we move closer to our goal.

We’re also working on collaborations with chefs and coffee experts around the world to make even more and even rarer coffees available in our capsules. This includes the single origin and rarest coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak.