Lungo Coffee Pods

Bespoke Blend

Nuts, chocolate and a hint of spice

Rich and full bodied with bold nut flavours and a hint of spice. A low acidity coffee with the mild sweetness of milk chocolate that develops into a lingering finish.

In a 100% home compostable capsule and Nespresso compatible.


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Bespoke Blend

Nuts, chocolate and a hint of spice

The world’s best coffees

Lungo, or Italian for “long”, is an equal blend of Brazilian Mogiana, Sumatran Bener Meriah, and Vietnamese Robusta from the central highlands. The coffee holds a temperate sweetness, distinctive of coffees from the Mogiana region. The beans from the Southeast Asian regions deliver a depth and intensity that maintains during a long pour. 

In a way that's best for the world

A bespoke intense blend of South American and Southeast Asian coffee specially developed for a long pour. Halo’s innovative capsules are made from waste sugarcane fibres and paper pulp, meaning they are 100% compostable.

60 BILLION Coffee pods go to landfill every year
80% OF ALL PODS Some of these used pods even end up in our oceans.

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