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Halo Minus Peruvian Andes (Decaf)

Single Origin

Chocolate, Nuts & Citrus

This Peruvian coffee is full of brightness complemented with a delicate nut and lingering chocolate finish with a citrus-type acidity.

This has been decaffeinated through natural resources, including spring water and carbon dioxide, drawing out the caffeine from the beans.


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Halo Minus Peruvian Andes (decaf)
Single Origin

Chocolate, Nuts & Citrus

The world’s best coffees

Peruvian single origin coffee is carefully sourced from the southern region of Cusco and the central Peruvian Andes, within the provinces of Chanchamayo and Satípo.

In a way that's best for the world

Our whole bean collection was inspired from our 100% compostable capsules. Everything from the sleeve to the box are home-compostable and garden-compatible. Each coffee selection is specialty grade, ethically farmed and sustainably packaged. From farm to cup, we keep the focus on Halo’s environmental sustainability.