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Three Mountain

Bespoke Blend

Nuts, Chocolate, Berries & Molasses

A bespoke blend of coffee from three of the highest peaks in the world.



Single Origin

Plum, Passion Fruit, Nutmeg & Grapefruit

A rare single origin variety known for its use in the World Barista Championships.


HALO Minus

(Decaf) Bespoke Blend

Apricot, Plum, Lemon, Bergamot & Black Tea

Our naturally processed, decaffeinated coffee from Ethiopia




From the rich dark soils of rainforests to mountain ranges of pine and oak, to intercropping cocoa and coffee estates. These coffees are grown by communities bordering Guatamela and El Salvador, delivering fine complexities in each cup. A fragrant, full-bodied single origin coffee with sweet tasting notes of walnuts, malt and milk chocolate.

From coffees grown in one of the most climate-diverse regions to our final product, Halo's innovative capsules are made from sugar cane and paper pulp, meaning they are 100% compostable

Single Origin

Walnuts, Malt and Milk Chocolate

Daterra Moonlight

Single Origin

Caramel, Pecan, Dried Cherries & Spicy Chocolate

A sweet and creamy blend, from the first farm in the world to be awarded a Rainforest Alliance Sustainability A Grade.


Indian Parchment

Single Origin

Malt, Caramel & Toasted Cedar

A premium handpicked Robusta produced under the perfect combination of sunshine, shade, soil conditions and rainfall.



Bespoke Blend

Chocolate, Caramel, Stone Fruits & Dried Currants

A high intensity blend of distinct South American and Ethopian coffees.



What we mean when we say ‘The world’s best coffees, in a way that’s best for the world.’

grade coffee
Compostable Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods
The World's First Biodegradable Coffee Capsules
Coffee Capsule Design
Eco-friendly Speciality Coffee Pods

Compostable Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods

The world is full of incredible coffees.

Our mission is to curate the best coffees from around the world in an environmentally friendly, Nespresso compatible capsule format.

But, what does environmentally friendly mean?

When we say eco-friendly, we mean compostable. When we say compostable, we mean home compostable. This means Halo's coffee pods will degrade in as little as four weeks in compost conditions. Once degraded, the nitrate-rich compostable Halo capsule can be used as a natural fertiliser to nourish soil.

This is why we believe that home compostable materials are the most eco-friendly and sustainable solution. The environmental benefits of home compostable materials are the reason for our commitment to ensuring that Halo pods, boxes, labels and all associated packaging are all home compostable and fully biodegradable.

The World's First Biodegradable Coffee Capsules

Halo are the creators of the world's first paper-based Nespresso compatible coffee pods. Made from waste sugar cane fibre, Halo's compostable coffee pods will not only break down in the home or garden compost but also in any natural environment such as a flower bed or front lawn.

Unlike some eco coffee pods that are made of bio-plastics, Halo capsules will degrade regardless of where they are disposed. The use of natural and therefore truly home compostable materials is key to the ability of Halo capsules to decompose easily and without the help of specialised machinery that most waste treatment facilities do not have.

Regardless of whether they are bound for landfill, in-vessel composting, anaerobic digestor or a recycling facility, Halo capsules are accepted in any waste stream. No waste, no hassle, just an easy to dispose of eco alternative for the Nespresso system.

Coffee Capsule Design

Halo's aluminium and plastic free coffee pods have been specifically designed to work with all Nespresso Home Original and compatible machines.

Halo home compostable coffee pods are compatible with machines such as the Krups Essenza Mini, Magimix Pixie, Nespresso Citiz, DeLonghi Lattissima & Sage Creatista.

Eco-friendly Speciality Coffee Pods

More than just an eco-friendly coffee pod, Halo capsules are filled with only the finest quality specialty grade coffees.

Equating to roughly three percent of global coffee yield, specialty coffee refers to coffees that have scored over 80 points on a 100 point scale designed by the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA). This score is determined by certified coffee tasters, or Q graders, who grade the coffee at origin.

A result of the dedication of growers who have made the pursuit of quality their mission, our use of specialty coffees allows for an artisan-style, barista standard coffee encapsulated in a sustainable package.

‘The future for coffee drinkers’


‘The eco coffee pods giving George Clooney nightmares’


‘There are challenger brands and then there is Halo's downright provocation’

Fast Company

Frequently asked questions

Yes - the oxygen barrier wrap (which looks a lot plastic, but isn't) - is compostable too.

Customer Testimony

‘Thank you so much for creating delicious, smooth coffees and all the effort and care that has gone into the development of compostable packing.,

Sinead Q

‘Delighted that I now have coffee pods that I can dispose of in my compost bin!’

Caroline B

‘Great taste!! All of them!’

Angela S.

‘Great tasting coffee and eco friendly!!’

George B.

‘Not enough that it tastes epic, eco credentials are off the chart too!’

Emma-Louise T