Three Mountain Coffee Pods

Bespoke Blend

Nuts, Chocolate, Berries & Molasses

A bespoke blend of coffee from three of the highest peaks in the world. 

In a 100% composable capsule.


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Three Mountain
Bespoke Blend

Nuts, Chocolate, Berries & Molasses

The world's best coffees

Coffee from the Colombian Andes, Nepalese Himalayas and Kenyan Kilimanjaro. These varieties have been blended to create a perfectly balanced, low acidity, buttery silk finish. High altitudes, fertile microclimates and the irrigation of melting mountaintop snow create a coffee with a unique complexity. Tasting notes of nut, chocolate, berries and molasses.

In a way that's best for the world

Regular coffee capsules are difficult and expensive to recycle, so most of them end up in landfill. Halo’s innovative sugar cane and paper pulp capsules are 100% compostable so wherever they end up, they won’t be there long.

60 BILLION Coffee pods go to landfill every year
80% OF ALL PODS Some of these used pods even end up in our oceans.

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