WHITE - OPAL One Capsule Machine (UK only) black is not available due to supply issues

The OPAL One is the first capsule machine specifically designed to brew speciality coffee capsules.

It utilises a unique silicon brew chamber, eliminating unwanted dilution and features both higher pressure and higher temperature brewing — delivering a fuller-bodied, stronger coffee than ever before.

The OPAL One pods machine brews better coffee than any other capsule machine on the market and showcases the full-potential of the coffees we carefully select. It’s quite simply, the perfect way to experience speciality coffee capsules.


Only Available in the UK
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OPAL One Capsule Machine Specifications

- 100% compatibility with Halo Coffee capsules
- Adjustable brew temperature
- Unique silicon brew chamber
- Intelligent flow rate
- Adjustable brew temperature

Dimensions: L 42cm x W 15cm x H 29cm
Power specifications: 220-240v

PLEASE NOTE: OPAL One is currently only compatible with 220-240v power specifications.

Opal One Capsule Machine FAQs