Earth Hour: Lights Out for the Planet


HALO Coffee is happy to join in on this year’s unique Earth Hour.

By recognising the effects humans have had on the climate crisis, we have proactively worked to combat these issues like deforestation by partnering with The Perfect World Foundation, One Tree Planted and the UK Overseas Territories Conservation. 

So what is Earth Hour? 

Every year on the last Saturday of March (this year it’s March 27th) you can join by switching off your lights for an hour at 8:30 pm local time. This allows us to stand in solidarity for the planet and “has become a catalyst for positive environmental impact, driving major legislative changes by harnessing the power of the people and collective action.” 

(Source: Earth Hour)

Ways you can support and participate in Earth Hour at home this year:

  1. Switch off your lights at 8:30 pm (local time)
    This is the easiest way to participate in Earth Hour. Simply switch off all non-essential lights for an hour.

  2. Dinner-in-the-dark
    Get some candles ready to enjoy a cosy and delicious meal in the dark. 

  3. Have a night of board games in candle-light

  4. Movie night 
    Get the popcorn ready and take on that Harry Potter marathon you've been wanting to do. 

  5. Make an impact and sign the Voice for the Planet petition
    Add your Voice to call on world leaders to take urgent action to protect and restore nature. The Voice for the Planet petition will be presented at major global conferences later in the year. 
    Link to Sign the Petition

  6. Learn to live more sustainably 
    Learn what you can do in your daily life to start living more sustainably - even the smallest actions add up! We have great blog posts to choose from: Sustainability Blog Posts  

  7. Create a mini-golf course using household objects

  8. Write a letter to your future eco-warrior self

  9. Dance the night away! 

  10. Try Yoga at Home
    We love Yoga with Adriene’s free videos on YouTube where all you need is some space to stretch out. 

Let us know how you participated in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27th by tagging HALO Coffee on social media and by using the hashtag #earthhour.