Fueling the NHS frontline


With the world under widespread lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic, NHS staff across the UK have gone into overdrive to ensure that our national health service remains a functioning and efficient system that guarantees the people who need care receive it. 

Of course, there has been a knock-on effect for the rest of the country and many businesses are trying to do their bit to help support this vital service. Here at Halo, we sat down and thought about what a small, sustainable coffee pod company could do to help a national service on the frontline of a pandemic? 

What we do best. Sustainable coffee. 

So we decided to donate coffee pods directly to nurses, doctors, and other NHS key workers. Giving them our great tasting coffee without generating additional plastic waste pollution. 

We contacted the Royal Free Hospital in London and sent them an initial compostable coffee pod donation of 1,000 plastic free pods. More coffee will also be donated, as for every new customer subscription throughout April to June 2020, we will donate two further plastic free coffee boxes to the Royal Free Hospital.

We then decided that all NHS staff should have easier access to our pods themselves, so they can wake up and start their important days with a fresh cup of excellent tasting coffee. We are now offering a 30% discount on selected coffee subscriptions to all NHS workers. All you have to do is contact us with proof of employment and the discounted coffee is yours. 

So, why will our sustainable coffee make a difference to the NHS? 

Not only is coffee a staple energy source for many NHS workers, but Halo pods are zero plastic, compostable, and sustainable. This means that when disposed of our pods won’t be contributing to the tonnes of plastic waste pollution created on a daily basis by the UK. In turn, we hope that this will reduce the environmental impact of coffee pods nationally. 

Through the glossy filter of the Halo vision, plastic pollution in the future will be severely reduced with the coffee industry contributing to it next to none. Starting with our compostable coffee pods, we hope to change sustainability habits one coffee at a time and hope that through our donations and discounts we can help protect our environment, while our NHS protects our people. 

To redeem an NHS discount, NHS employees will need to email from their NHS email address. If you want to support the NHS through your coffee selection, you can purchase in bulk or individual orders here.