How to have a sustainable Christmas


Christmas tends to be a time when consumption is high, from buying presents, indulging in food and drink to purchasing traditional decorations like Christmas trees and festive plants. Although this time of year is loved and celebrated by many, it is important to consider the impact this excessive consumption has on our environment. According to, an extra 30% of rubbish is produced and discarded throughout the festive period when compared with the rest of the year. This additional waste is in the region of 3 million tonnes.

By making some small but simple changes over the festive period, we can minimise the impact on the environment and work towards more sustainable and responsible Christmases in the future. Below, us at Halo Coffee have put together an infographic, with additional tips from some sustainability experts, to help you to understand the earth friendly changes you can make.

How to have a sustainable Christmas| Halo Coffee