What You Need To Know About our Coffee Pod Packaging

It would have been no use designing the world's most sustainable coffee capsules if we then wrapped them in layers of toxic materials. So we didn't. Staying true to our brand ethos of quality and sustainability, we have ensured that all Halo packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. In order to adhere to our strict standards of sustainability and to complement the composability of our capsules, Halo boxes, insert, stickers and laminate are also fully home compostable. 

Our fully eco coffee packaging begins with our boxes and inserts. Printed using non-toxic vegetable inks rather than conventional inks that contain oil-based polymers, our boxes and inserts are fully home compostable, recyclable and re-usable. Made from off-cuts from our boxes, Halo inserts can be re-purposed into a bookmark thus extending its life even further.   

This brings us on to our stickers, which serve the function of sealing our boxes and providing essential product information. In line with the rest of our packaging, Halo stickers are fully home compostable and printed using non-harmful, eco-friendly vegetable ink. 

Halo Packaging

Lastly, the outer laminate encasing the Halo box. Suspiciously similar in look and feel to plastic, but the two could not be more dissimilar. Halo’s bio-laminate is derived from renewable food sources and is fully home compostable as it will break down in any naturally occurring environment. This essential component of our packaging provides a moisture and oxygen barrier to our capsules and ensures that Halo capsules are protected in an atmosphere perfect for preserving freshness. 

Whether it is our laminate, box, insert or sticker, you can rest assured that all Halo packaging is fully environmentally friendly. In a food waste or compost bin, our home compostable eco-packaging will degrade in 90 days or less.

Halo Packaging


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