A Look Into Halo Capsules


If you’re wondering what makes Halo capsules so different and unique to all the other capsules on the market, you’ve come to the right place.

 Rather than adding to the billions of plastic and aluminium capsules that end up in the oceans and landfill every year, Halo Coffee aims to provide consumers with an easy, sustainable alternative for their Nespresso machines*.

Our goal is to serve up barista quality coffee with the sustainability, ease and convenience of the world’s first Nespresso compatible paper capsule. 


Why Halo?

In order to do justice to our specialty grade coffee beans, we needed to develop a capsule worthy of the effort and skill required from farmers producing coffee of such quality, it accounts for roughly only 3% of global coffee yield. 

Because, why offer the best coffees in the world only to package them in a way that is terrible for the world and the future of quality coffee crops?

There began the journey to developing the world’s most environmentally friendly capsule. 

 Made from waste sugar cane fibre, Halo’s home compostable paper coffee capsules will degrade in as little as four weeks in home compost conditions, leaving no trace other than fertile soil.

Sugar cane bagasse was chosen, not only because it allows for a waste product to be re-purposed and allowed a new life, but also because of the natural look and feel it provides.

 The look of our capsules means that if Halo capsules end up in food waste processing facilities, they can be easily identified as a natural product. This means they are allowed into the anaerobic digestion stream or in-vessel composting facilities, rather than being incinerated or thrown into landfill. 

 In recycling facilities, they are recognised as belonging to the paper waste stream. With no confusion regarding where they belong, Halo capsules can be properly processed and recycled into a new product.


Why We’re Different

However, this is not the case for the majority of compostable capsules on the market. Other compostable capsules are largely made from bio-plastics that are difficult to differentiate from oil-based plastics due to the similarity in look and density.  

The result is a large mass of items that cannot be appropriately identified and processed, meaning the majority will eventually end up in landfill or the oceans. 

 Unlike many other capsule producers, Halo’s commitment to the principles of the circular economy is evident and this is reflected in every part of our product.

 In addition to Halo capsules themselves, our inserts, stickers, box and laminate are all home compostable too.

 No waste, no hassle, just fertile soil for tomatoes, strawberries or your plant of choice to grow from.

Halo Coffee: providing an easy alternative for a more sustainable lifestyle. 

*Halo capsules are compatible with all Nespresso Home Original machines. This does not include Nespresso Professional or Vertuo lines.