Why That Plastic Laminate?


We know what it looks like… but we can explain.

As you may or may not have noticed, each box of Halo is encased in what appears to be a plastic film.

We know it looks and feels very similar to the dreaded P-word, so let us put your minds at ease.

At Halo, we have put serious thought and consideration into each and every aspect of our product and packaging.

During this process, we figured it would be no use designing the world's most sustainable coffee capsules if we were to then wrap them in layers of unsustainable toxic materials.

So we didn't.

That “plastic” wrap around your box of Halo is 100% home compostable. 

 Sustainable and eco-friendly, the “plastic” wrap will degrade in 90 days or less in your home compost, unlike the traditional oil-based plastics known for polluting our planet. 

This is possible because the bio-polymer laminate is derived from renewable food sources thereby allowing it to break down in naturally occurring environments.


Why do we need a bio-plastic Laminate?

The “plastic” laminate may seem like a frivolous addition to our packaging, but it does in fact serve a very important purpose. 

Halo’s bio-plastic laminate provides our capsules with a moisture and oxygen barrier to ensure that each box is protected in a perfect atmosphere on their journey to you. 

Without any additional protection, Halo capsules would have to be consumed within 21 days of being produced, meaning consumers would face a race against time to extract the optimum flavour and freshness from their Halo capsules.  

We love that Halo capsules are a fresh product. But this wonderful quality means a battle against exposure to the high levels of oxygen and moisture in the air.  

Enter, Halo’s bio-laminate to save the day! 

For all its flaws (looking like and being mistaken for plastic), our oxygen barrier laminate is our secret hero. A home compostable film that drastically improves the shelf life of Halo coffees and allows our consumers to enjoy their capsules at their own pace and at optimum freshness.  

So fret not eco-warriors, there is #noplastic in sight here. 

Halo capsules and all associated packaging are fully home compostable and will degrade in your garden in 90 days or less. 

No half-baked ideas, no half-arsed products and no unsustainable materials involved. 

Halo Coffee: providing an easy alternative for a more sustainable lifestyle.