How our whole bean coffee packaging works

Whole roasted beans for grinding either at home or for coffee shops usually comes in a foil lined pack which just can’t be recycled or composted, there must be a better way! When Halo set out to launch our rare whole beans, we put our eco heads together and came up with a solution.

We use the same compostable card as we use for our capsules box for the expertly roasted beans. Around the box we seal in the freshness with our special home compostable bio-laminate that we have also been using around our capsule box. This transparent outer freshness later is made of a unique home compostable material which is all natural, derived from FSC certified wood pulp and GMO free corn starch.

We continue to only print only with vegetable waste inks for any labelling or colour. The result is a stylish coffee bean box that is sealed to lock in all the aromas and it’s all the packaging is home compostable.

Reuse your coffee grinds on you garden beds or add them to your food collection waste and your waste coffee is giving something back too.

Biodegradable Coffee Packaging Boxes


Biodegradable Coffee Packaging Chart Halo Box


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