Our range of Specialty Grade Coffees


Xmas is coming, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably already scratching your head and wondering what to get your loved ones. 

Well, wonder no more – because Halo has a fantastic range of different specialty coffees to suit everyone, no matter what their tastes. 

To help you decide between them, here’s a little bit of information about each one. 

1. Daterra Moonlight

First up is our Single Origin Daterra Moonlight, from the first farm in the world to be awarded a Rainforest Alliance Sustainability A Grade. 

With tasting notes of caramel, pecan, dried cherries and spicy chocolate, this sweet creamy blend is perfect for those who like their coffee smooth. It’s perfect for cold brew too – though that probably seems less important on these cold winter nights. 

At only £7 for a box of ten, it’s also one of our lower priced coffees – an ideal way to introduce someone you love to Halo! Click here to get Daterra Moonlight!

Country of origin: Brazil. 

2. Three Mountain

Looking for something to get them talking at Christmas? How about our Three Mountain coffee? Well, if altitude is important when it comes to coffee growing ( and it is ) then this -  a bespoke blend from three of the highest peaks in the world – is not only an incredible tasting coffee, but it’s also a guaranteed conversation starter. 

Combining coffee from the Colombian Andes, the Nepalese Himalayas and the Kenyan Kilimanjaro, this signature blend is perfectly balanced to give a smooth drinking coffee with a low acidity and a buttery silk finish – taking full advantage of the high altitudes, fertile microclimates, and the irrigation of melting mountaintop snow. 

Tasting notes of nut, chocolate, berries and molasses. £10 for a box of ten. Click here to get Three Mountain.

Countries of origin: Colombia, Nepal, Kenya. 

3. Halo Minus ( Decaffeinated ) 

Of course, not everyone drinks coffee for that caffeine hit – and any coffee brand that wants to be taken seriously should include a decent decaf in its range. But ours is more than decent – it’s routinely judged as one of the best decaffeinated capsules available. 

First, we take coffee from the forest of Kaffe in Ethiopia ( from where coffee, and its name, originated ) grown by local smallholders, who bring their individual harvests to be washed and carefully sorted.

Then, the caffeine from this coffee is removed by a natural process using carbon filters and pure, local water – giving you a coffee with no caffeine, but all of the taste. 

This heirloom variety has tasting notes of fragrant jasmine, apricot, plum, lemon, bergamot and black tea, and costs £10 for a box of ten. Click here to get Halo Minus.

Country of origin: Ethiopia. 

4. Pacamara

Pacamara is one of our true superstars – a rare single origin variety from Colombia with exceptional clarity and depth, famous for being used in the World Barista Championships, where it has won several accolades. 

This particular coffee is actually a hybrid between the Pacas variety from El Salvador and Maragogipe from Brazil, and was first grown as a spontaneous mutation in Alfredo Pacas Trujillo’s father’s garden in El Salvador. 

From this happy accident came a truly exceptional, smooth-drinking coffee with tasting notes of plum, passion fruit, nutmeg, grapefruit and blackcurrant – and one which represents superb value at the price of £10 for a box of ten. Click here to get Pacamara.

Country of origin: Colombia. 

5. Indian Parchment

One of the stronger, more intense coffees in our range – this is a premium handpicked single origin Robusta, produced under the perfect combination of sunshine, shade, soil conditions and rainfall. 

Some people will tell you that only arabica coffees are worth drinking. This robusta is a great way of proving them wrong! 

From lush Indian estates renowned for intercropping with cocoa, pepper, cardamom, and other spices, this stunning coffee has tasting notes of malt, caramel, and toasted cedar and is priced at £10 for a box of ten. Click here to get Indian Parchment.

Country of origin: India. 

6. Ristretto

The newest edition to our range. Halo Ristretto is a bespoke blend of distinct South American and Ethiopian coffees, perfectly balanced but with a real kick of intensity. 

An exceptionally complex coffee, our Ristretto is actually a blend of four different varieties: with Colombian Huila, Brazilian Mogiana, and El Salvadoran Monte Sion combining to deliver body, sweetness and yellow fruit acidity – then with Ethiopian Sidama adding a chocolatey finish. 

Tasting notes of chocolate, caramel, stone fruits and dried currants. Priced at £10 for a box of ten. Click here to get Halo Ristretto.

Country of origin: Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Ethiopia. 


And that’s it! Hopefully this quick overview of our range has not only got your taste buds tingling – but also given you some inspiration for xmas present ideas for your friends and family. 

But remember – no matter which you decide to buy and put under the xmas tree, each of our coffees comes in our unique 100% Home Compostable packaging. Meaning not just the capsules – made from waste sugar cane – but the cartons, inserts, and biofilm wrap too. 

So you’re not only giving a gift to your loved ones this Christmas, you’re also giving something back to the planet too. 

Merry Xmas from all at Halo.