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Kopi is the pinnacle of the coffee world.
It's Wild it's rare, it's like nothing you have ever tasted and yes,
It is £10 per capsule.
(And worth it)

The rarest coffee in the world, every bean is precious with only a tiny 100kgs per year harvested from 100% certified wild plantations in the Gayo region of Indonesia.

A complexity of flavour rarely found in a single origin espresso.

Buttery dark chocolate and toasted macadamia alongside notes of spicy fried plantain and tropical lychee deliver a unique aftertaste that leaves the palate alive and refreshed.

Kopi Luwak Diamond is one of the most delicately handled beans on earth. It is not part of a fad, but an opportunity to enjoy 170 years of history in every cup and share our journey.

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Quantity: 10 Capsules per box

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Our First Edition run is limited to 100 boxes. All of of our coffee is beautiful, rare, hand roasted and hand encapsulated.